The NHS in the news again

‘Nurses forced to cover doctors shortage’

NHS-ASM-150x150 The NHS in the news again content

The NHS in the news again. Is it not time to review current spending that equates to more than the United States of America’s yearly defence budget? Which we’d be better spending on post-1980’s, and. not like Victorian and Ted Heath/ loony left 1880-1970s policy think tanks and new ways squander British tax payer’s billions on unworkable inefficient huge steps back and f ups day in day out? That the NHS is run like even today? When the front line workers i.e, a few of the doctors and the majority of the nurses whom do all of the work for the least of the money, are 90% Asian and African born and only speak broken English as a second language.
Why don’t we invest in semi private non NHS managed health care solutions such as the bloody brilliant and superb high street walk in Spec Savers? Whom I found unquestionably brilliant as compared to the NHS solutions.

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