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This is A*S*M:(Anglo Social Media)
English-American Social Media Rebelliousness

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Softened, almost into melody

asm -

The Longest Night of Waiting
This which is written here below is ‘The Winds of Change..’
From It’s Broken English Garden,
A Stoned Rose Departs,
From Beneath Lyme Woods Willow Tree,
To A New Abode,
When Once There,
At Twilight Writes.
Then Hears This,
In The Near Distance,
Softened, almost into melody.
A Freckled Song Thrush Song Bird Sing,
It’s Erie Evening Song.

Source: asm –
Circa: Sunday July, 8th. @7.17 a.m. MMXIIX
Location: Newcastle – under – Lyme North Staffordshire in Northwest England, U.K.

Magg’ie’s Parliament

A ‘Parliament’ a group of Magpies, are said to predict the future.  This olde very ancient English folklore passed on by generations qand generations by spoken word as part of our inheritance and rich culture of Germanic Anglo-Saxon  is a very v. old superstition is still widely and commonly spoken in England today.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.

FEELING-LUCKY-Magpie Magg'ie's Parliament the-unexplained-strange-but-true content Magpies are birds of the Corvidae family. The black and white Eurasian magpie is widely considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of the only non mammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test.
A well known olde ancient English dark ages rhyme gives us the clues to what may perhaps accur next according to the local superstitions of the old folk. We English teach this to toddlers at a very early age as I was aged 4 or 5.

FEELING-LUCKY-Magpie Magg'ie's Parliament the-unexplained-strange-but-true content
It is only seeing a lone magpie that brings bad luck

Witch also traditionally in olde England this may possibly, This olde English folklore spoken word cultural informative collective intelligence and encoded message to the races future descendents is a very early form of primary formative education still used in England today..,  maybe, or, almost certainly predates the Judaic written word of God. This also I do believe assisted in very young children a simple rhyme enabling how best to remember and 1st learn to count before schools were ever built and attended by our young ‘uns:

“One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.”

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Northern English Workingmen’s Clubs

DUC-US-UK-505 Northern English Workingmen’s Clubs entertainment content
North Staffordshire Potteries: Kidsgrove Workingmen’s Club

Despite the educational ambitions, most working men’s clubs are recreational. Typically, a club would have a room, often referred to (especially in Northern England) as a vault with a bar for the sale and consumption of alcohol, snookerpool or bar billiards tables, as well as televisions for sport entertainment; many provide food. A much larger room would be connected, often called the concert or entertainment room with a stage and a layout of tables, stools and backrest sofas. They often provide night time entertainment, mainly on the weekends such as bingoraffles, live music cabaret and comedy, playing popular music. They are also known for their charitable works.

DUC-US-UK-505 Northern English Workingmen’s Clubs entertainment content
North Staffordshire Potteries:Workingmen’s Club

In recent years, declining membership has seen many clubs close down and others struggle to remain open. Some groups try to raise the profile of clubs, pointing to their historical legacies and their community roles.
A working men’s club is a non-profit organisation run by members through a committee, usually elected annually. Each club has rules that tend to be vigorously enforced. The committee will discipline members (common punishments being a warning, or a ban for a period) for violations. Despite the name, women are allowed to be members in many clubs, and virtually all clubs allow entry to women. Non-members are not allowed entry unless signed in by a member.

North Staffordshire Potteries Workingmen’s Clubs
Bill Cawley: “Peter Kay is not far out when portrays the strange acts at the Phoenix. I recall vividly the Pakistani stand up comedian who told racist jokes against himself, the asthmatic country and western act from Cleverley who stopped for breath half way through his act.” I’ll be with you in a moment “, or the overloud ear-ringing rock bands. Sometimes there were special events like a boxing tournament at the Suburban where one competitor eschewing the basic defensive stance advanced with arms flaying like a windmill to be quickly demolished by punishing jabs that opened his nose up in a crimson torrent. For the turns themselves there was recognition that there efforts were taken with proper regard. As local act Gerry Stephens writing of the time reportedSaturday was the highlight of the week and people would make an effort to look their best. The Committee officers ran them with a grip of iron and membership were as tightly controlled as any freemasons. Instant silence followed the command ” Give order please” and quiet was demanded- and got- when Bingo started. Bingo was a ritual with its language and actions especially when certain numbers were called out ” Ted’s den- Number Ten, Two fat ladies 88, Leg’s eleven” followed by wolf whistles and the clinking of glasses as pens were banging against them. Sometimes a frustrated gamester would call out to the elderly lady caller ” Shake them up, Elsie” if his numbers were not coming up.Then there were the turns.“You’d arrive outside the Club, grab your gear, and go in. The room would be completely empty. Then people start coming in; the room is packed, and it’s your job to entertain them for the night. You’ve only got your guitar, your voice and your patter, to get them going, gets them laughing.It was quite a thing to be an artist in the 70s, there was a lot of respect shown; the audience wasn’t allowed to come in or go out during a bracket”.But the knell- as it was for the working class- was already tolling for the clubs.”


Bill Cawley: “I was born in Stoke in 1955 and lived and worked in the City. I was a City Councillor from 82-7 and a County Councillor from 97-05. I’m a member of the Green party My heroes are Thomas Paine, HL Mencken, Tom Joad and Ernest Everard..,”

Talke’s, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire: Talke Social Club mid-1980’s & early ’90’s:
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The NHS in the news again


‘Nurses forced to cover doctors shortage’

NHS-ASM-150x150 The NHS in the news again content

The NHS in the news again. Is it not time to review current spending that equates to more than the United States of America’s yearly defence budget? Which we’d be better spending on post-1980’s, and. not like Victorian and Ted Heath/ loony left 1880-1970s policy think tanks and new ways squander British tax payer’s billions on unworkable inefficient huge steps back and f ups day in day out? That the NHS is run like even today? When the front line workers i.e, a few of the doctors and the majority of the nurses whom do all of the work for the least of the money, are 90% Asian and African born and only speak broken English as a second language.
Why don’t we invest in semi private non NHS managed health care solutions such as the bloody brilliant and superb high street walk in Spec Savers? Whom I found unquestionably brilliant as compared to the NHS solutions.

Bet365-Stoke-Win Big Cash Prizes Every Day of the Year

The Luck of the Irish

was streaming the stoke match this arvo, crystal palace, knock at me back door. old hag stinking of tarmac holding summit in her dirty paws. old hag says: excuse me sir.., would sir like byes sums lucky heather?! bring u luck and good fortune sir!? ..,if u wud only cross my dirty hand with 30 pieces of silver ? will ye ? pls? u will! u will?! pls!
i says: look duck.., bit busy. just streaming the stoke match. we’re 1 nil down .1st 15 mins! if u dunner mind.., not rite now ?!?
sir! if only u cud? please sir! u will! u will! u will! she insists.., ur fortunes will improve MOST dramatically for the better my love.., once the lucky heather is yours! u will?! u will!
so as not to incur one of thems there infamous Gypo curses.., i did infact purchase a small bud of lucky heather from the ode irish hag. puttin me hand in my empty pockets, or, so I thought, and pulled out 57p in beer change, unbelievably, as i thought i was skinters, not a penny from me Friday nite beer change i never knew i had and crossed that old Irish knackers palm with a single silver fifty pence piece (equivalent to lucky for Yankees half a silver $) and bronzen copers amounting to seven pence:-two 2ps and 3 single 1 pence pennys from heaven as she so insistingly demanded or pre-requested slamming the door, rather abrutely, in ‘er ugly ode face. then, went watch the rest of the stoke game.
as I sat down stoke suddenly scored 1- 1. one all! we equalised! then, again minutes later! as i held this so called lucky heather in my palm. F.! I thought to meself..,Is this summit do with this lucky heather i did indeed purchase from that ode irish hag?!!! the self proclaimed lucky as f. as a seventh son of a seventh son ode Irish knacker!?? seems we on top nah! brilliant!. then we scored again!!!! moments ltr! 3 – 1!!!! F.! this shite really workz? or, is it just bcoz of all the evil tainted money from bet365 we’ve gone 3 in one up??!?
as I pondered these thoughts 4a wee while.., there’s this second knock at me back door at the back of the house.
as i approached the back door once more for the second time there’s this very strong smell of tarmac again enimating from all around me. and there she woz again, stood.there., ode gypsy rose lee (the ode toothless Irish knacker from whom I’d 30 minutes ago purchased a small bud of her so called lucky heather).
stood there she says:
your change sir?!
handing me, unbelievably..,me change!
It’s only 50p a bud of lucky heather sir not 57p! said she.
Well! blow me down?! cheers me duck! who’d av guessed it! u! and me change! thanks very much shug! respect! God bless ya! You Irish pikey toothless old ugly hag.
Nah, get lost!
Then, as suddenly as she had appeared earlier, evaporated into thin air or like smoke enimating from a whakey backy bucket bong!

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